Make the Play!

100 WWII pilots battle in a massive dogfight in a South Pacific setting, and ONLY one will become the Last Ace Flying!
An Epic fantasy game where dragons are trained to defend their realm and vanquish foes.

AI Animation Demo

A neural network system that can train 3D models to animate correctly on a variety of surfaces and terrains based on real world physics.
Our Mission

Empowering user to create content while bringing it to life with AI


The Make It Games team has a rich history of bringing revolutionary technology solutions to the video game industry, from the first true 3D objects in a console game (Nintendo’s StarFox) to the first massively multiplayer protocols in Microsoft Fighter Ace. The Make It Games tech team is now at it again bringing leading edge AI to video games.

Our engineers are now focussed on AI initiatives in two areas; training non-player characters (NPCs) to be lifelike and our new ambitious AI Animation Engine/Tools that can teach characters in games or film to fully animate themselves. Yes, animate themselves!

Fighter Royale – Last Ace Flying demonstrates how our neural networks have trained non-player pilots to hunt down and kill real world players utilizing complex WII flight combat tactics.  The AI intelligence has also allowed us to create a very easy to use flight control mechanic for game players so they can truly fly a WWI plane with simple mouse or mobile game mechanics utilizing real physics making each plane fly historically accurate.  

Our AI Animation Engine/Tool, currently in development, allows 3D models to be fully animated to deal with any terrain without the use of an animation team of artists, animators, riggers, motion capture facilities and programmers. The character model is trained through billions of animation iterations until it learns the desired task.  This allows an immense about of animation to be created without human animators touching the model. This technology has been applied to a human model, bipedal robot as well a to a flying dragon so far with great success. This new AI tech will revolutionize the way game and film industry animate characters and will allow for massive scenes of thousands of characters all independently reacting to other characters and the terrain, which has never been achieved before.