Fighter Royale

Imagine yourself experiencing epic dogfights against 100 pilots in a WWII setting! Dive into a massive free-for-all arena set in a South Pacific island chain. As the fight progresses the active area slowly shrinks, forcing all pilots into close proximity, resulting in wild, unpredictable dogfights where there is no place to hide! The battle continues until only the Last Ace is flying. THIS is Fighter Royale – Last Ace Flying! Are you ready for the challenge?



A WWII Aerial Combat Game


Planes that look and fly so authentically it feels like the real thing!
Take to the skies in any one of 25 painstakingly crafted and influential WWII aircraft from five nations (US, Great Britain, Germany, Soviet Union and Japan). Switch to new aircraft during the battle, or  concentrate on finding real-time upgrades for your current plane. There is no substitute for skill and you can’t buy your way to the top! A skilled pilot will learn how to best take advantage of each aircraft and master its strengths and weaknesses with the goal of being the Last Ace Flying.


AI-Driven Controls uses MACHINE LEARNING to interpret player intent (move mouse, touch screen, press buttons) into game behaviors for THE ULTIMATE CASUAL EXPERIENCE suitable for any player on virtually any device. Eliminates the need for control tutorials and long learning cycles, allowing players to immediately concentrate on tactics and fiction.

AI-actuated controls allow all players to experience “full physics” without the need to bifurcate the player universe into different levels of realism or complexity.  Player can competitively  play on virtually any device, in the same arena, from virtually anywhere in the world.