AI Animation Engine

Originally animation was created by drawing frame by frame and then cycling through these frames to animate a character. The computer age of animation utilizes 3D modelers, riggers, animators, programmers and motion capture studios and actors to create both pre-rendered and real time rendered animation. Animation production for a AAA game or feature movie can literally have hundreds of people working to create all of the animation with budgets of $100-400 million. As consumers demand more and more immersive entertain the size and the scale of the animation teams is destined to grow. A giant evolutionary step in animation is needed.

Next Big Evolution in Animation - AI Animation

To use computing power to process billions of training sessions so digital actors learn to walk, run, jump and navigate even the most complex terrains by themselves. Characters self training will allow projects to develop thousands of digital actors with a fraction of the staff. Make It Games has proven the technology so far with a human model, robot as well as a flying dragon. We are trading expensive human labor for processing power that drive neural networks. This is a radical new approach, with not only  massive cost saving potential, but will create types of scenes that have never been seen before and allow for scenes that utilize massive amounts of digital characters to be utilized more often. The AI Animation approach will revolutionize the way game and film industry animate characters and will allow for massive scenes of thousands of characters all independently reacting to other characters and the terrain, which has never been achieved before